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Writing & Editing


Need a creative maverick to help nail your campaign concept?

After working in the Sydney creative industry for many years, I was left with an avid obsession for consumer behaviour. I have a knack for quickly understanding the psyche of your target group to get to the core of what will rapidly transform their desires into needs. Then most importantly, converting that message into a channel that will communicate with them quickly and succinctly. My principles are firmly guided by a less is more approach.

If you’re looking for someone on your creative team to cut through the proverbial mustard and create solid, lustworthy concepts for your client’s target audience, then I’m your secret weapon.

I also have a knack for writing snappy, witty and captivating social media posts (if I do say so myself).

  • social media content writing including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • blog writing and blog grammar with SEO optimisation
  • EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) – there’s an art to spam
  • Press Releases – PR and branding material that makes an impact

Proofreading in English

(De-Danglification* Specialist)

You’ve been doing business in English for years, but how long has it been since you took an English grammar class? Do you know the minor differences between the shades of grey and gray? Let me help you out, so that you not only look the part, but you will ensure you’re using the best language to engage your target audience.

With a background in Marketing and Advertising, I know how to tailor your message in English so that you and your product or service looks premium and stands out from the competition.

Want to look your best for your global audience?

I can assist with:

  • grammar and spelling for documents and text of all types (using U.S. or U.K. English)
  • website grammar, editing and writing or creative suggestions – specialised in marketing copywriting
  • document grammar, editing and writing or creative suggestions
  • writing and reviewing speeches or presentations (including powerpoint)

I have a wide range of experience, writing in various formats, in particular SEO website product and landing pages marketing text for clients. I write for various blogs and websites in different styles and tone of voice so you can be rest assured that I will talk to your niche audience in a way that will best capture their attention.

Write me an email with an outline of your task (word count is preferred but not essential) and I will respond with a quote. I’m well versed in working toward last minute deadlines so if you need it done in a rush include ‘rush’ in your subject line.

For some examples of my work please see below:







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*Danglification: The use of a Danish sentence structure with English wording that just does not make sense and/or Danish words that sound similar to English but don’t mean the same thing and thus, also does not make sense.