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Im knees deep in an e-commerce design for a wonderful brand that deserves to have a great website.

Having worked in retail since the age of 15 and shopped since a kid, I’ve always been fascinated with how shops work and what makes people go from ‘want’ to ‘need’. Now with retail transitioning┬áto online, it’s important that what you present is sharp, clear and precisely on point all whilst trying to swoon your customer with lovely stories about who you are. Its a tricky business and sometimes the waters are murky on just how ethical consumer phsychological marketing actually is. ESPECIALLY when it comes to children. But that’s a post for another day.

I myself have put together quite a few websites over the years including 3-4 revisions of my ATHINAEUM website in the last 5 years so I get what it means to have things working ship shape on your e-commerce. Theres always room for testing and improvement and as design trends come and go, so too do online retail trends.

Here are two great articles I’ve found in the last 24 hours on the topic which I came across rather randomly:

A creepy yet fascinating one about how retailers price products and make us believe we need them


About ‘ethical’ retailers and ‘greenwashing’

5 Signs That Brand Might Not Be Ethical