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Christmas is just around the corner and I’ve been thinking about low cost marketing inspiration to prepare for the holiday season… which quite honestly, I should have already prepared for. Nonetheless, it’s always good to get some food for thought before setting a strategy in place.

Firstly I’m thinking about what I want to achieve. I have one client who is starting out their social media activity which means that it’s a great opportunity to both build the brand whilst spreading the word about retail sales. I’m thinking about giveaway competitions or perhaps a post a photo type of promotion using a hashtag. Their sparkly new website is on the cusp of being launched, and as we all know, lead times for website builds are prone to being blown out. So 1.5 months after the due date, I’m hoping that it should be ready to take traffic from a growing social media activity by mid November.

Another thing that they need in place is a good EDM campaign. Their database is mostly Danish so I’ll be using it to post out to existing clients to wish them a happy festive season and keep in mind to spread the word amongst family and friends.

Here’s a great article from a company called Curalate. Still trying to work out what exactly they do, but there’s some great input here surrounding the holiday season.

Here Comes Christmas: Holiday Retail Marketing Trends to Use This Season

I’ll keep updating with links as I come across them.

Do you have your strategy in place for yourself or your clients or are you also winging it? 😉