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Fashion Designer Mentoring

Designer Mentoring

Are you just starting out working on your new fashion label after fashion school or have you given up your day job to chase your dreams? Begun sampling and approaching manufacturers? How do I start selling into stores? Who are my customers? How much should I charge?

I’ve been there and I know the answers to these often tricky and uncomfortable questions.

As a business owner with a large network in the fashion industry in Sydney, NYC and Copenhagen, I’m here to answer all the industry secrets that they won’t tell you in fashion school. With my marketing experience and business education, I can help answer the difficult questions. It’s important to ask for help in the process of starting a label because there’s no straight-forward recipe for success as a designer. But the sooner you know answers to the hard parts, the sooner you can get back to what you love, the creative part!

If you’d like to give me a call, our first chat is free and then we can discuss our first consultation and rates. I understand that you’re starting a business so my services are affordable and payment plans can be arranged.