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Who is AYM?

During my short years on this planet, I have lived, explored and created on 3 different continents, begun and run 3 different businesses as well as created and curated countless websites and sprung forth 3 separate and successful pop up shops amongst many other serendipitous and wonderful life adventures.

I see life and the ever-growing global interaction of our 21st century existence, as a beautiful, creative and connected renaissance, which requires a multi-disciplined and truly intercultural perspective.

Global brands are required to act local and local businesses to serve global, as they strive to gain international traction in the internet market place. We live in paradoxical and transient times which deserve constant learning and exploring.

Professionally, my career began working in countless retail stores, assisting emerging Australian fashion designers whilst I earned myself a bachelor degree in Business. After a stint at the Chanel flagship store in Sydney, I began marketing for international lingerie brand Pleasure State and then in Sydney’s faced-paced and exuberant Dynamix advertising agency helping them to triple business during my 3 year tenure managing brands such as Virgin Mobile, Samsung and Krispy Kreme.

Most poignantly, after quitting advertising and travelling for 8 months, I founded my own ethically conscious handbag label in the highlands of Guatemala called ATHINAEUM which saw immediate and humbling success.

My latest work, residing in Denmark, has involved creating a brand new, trilingual human… but the next big adventure, is working with you.

That’s right, I believe in serendipitous meetings.

You are reading this, because you would like someone to take you to your maximum potential. As a fellow entrepreneur, you are likely paving new ground, wanting to make yourself indispensable to your awaiting new customers. It’s also hard work being a reliable, evolving brand to the customer base you already have.

If you want to shine to the world, have some fun and get excited about your own potential, I would love to be the spark that ignites your proverbial bonfire.
Be it through updating your brand, writing, content creation, social media, designs, styling, retail space, I am here to help.

Remember, sometimes it’s important for someone outside the sphere of your business to inspire you to BE the best version of yourself.

– Athena Maroulis

If you would like further credentials, please see my linkedin profile here